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Wondrous 1


When we restore the soil, we restore human health.

Wondrous1 turns dirt into soil.

Wondrous1 is not an NPK fertilizer.  It is the world’s first Whole Plant/Planet Food created with one intention to grow food that produces health for every part of the food chain.

It is a SEED to HARVEST FERTILIZER and a Microbial Rich Organic Plant Food.

W1 feeds the soil. It is a simple and easy way to successfully grow plants.

Why use Wondrous1?

Some reasons include:     

  • A Seed to Harvest fertilizer
  • It's the only food necessary to grow healthy plants
  • Microbial Rich Organic Plant Food
  • Whole Plant/Planet Food
  • Revitalizes, Regenerates and Rehabilitates the Soil
  • All natural and organic
  • Healthy for the Planet, Animals, and Humans
  • Appears to start restoring the soil’s Microbiome
  • Soil is biologically active and enriched after harvest.
  • Grow food for your household and/or your local community
  • Growing plants and food for ‘Dummies”
  • Less insect/fungal pressure
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Restoring the planet one backyard at a time
  • Restoring the earth’s carbon capture system
  • Provides food security in the event of food shortages
  • Makes growing anything a happy and fun experience

What’s in it:

The best of Land, Sea and Soil

WG combines the finest ingredients from the land, sea and soil delivered in a brewed tea that contains:

  •         A blend of Alpaca Manure,
  •         90 Ocean harvested/derived liquid minerals,
  •         83 Humic/Fulvic minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  •         All brought to life by a team of 10 Soil Born Organisms (SBO’s). 

Note: Currently, the BYO tea concentrate is best for soil applications. Please inquire about growing in other mediums.

It performs as well in Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponic environments (coming soon).

The W1 trials produced unexpected, amazing results, beyond all expectations as all the plants grew faster with huge root systems. They also matured early with increased yields. 

Thank you for joining us in our quest to “restore the planet one backyard at a time”.

Now you can enjoy, see and taste the difference for yourself.