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Wondrous World Inc respects the privacy of every visitor/user to the website. At no time will Wondrous World sell, share or distribute to any person, company, or entity any information collected for the purposes of contacting Wondrous World or subscribing to the Newsletter.

Wondrous World does not employ any type of tracking mechanisms that would disclose any personal information by the user/visitor of the website. Wondrous World does employ google analytics which provides information regarding the number of times the site and pages have been visited. At no time does google analytics collect personal information from the visitor/user of the website. Wondrous World has a mechanism which does not collect personal information but does identify if the visitor is using a mobile device.

To learn more about google analytics and how to opt out of having your visit documented, you can visit this link: follow the instructions provided.

Wondrous World has a Contact Us page on the website. The information provided by a visitor on this Contact Us page is specifically used for the purposes of asking a question or making a comment. At no time is this information shared, sold, or distributed to any entity for any purpose what-so-ever. Wondrous World protects the privacy of all visitors/users on the website and ensures that information gathered is used specifically for the purpose requested by the visitor/user.

Wondrous World provides visitors/users on the website the ability to enter their email address to subscribe to the Newsletter. That information is never shared, sold or distributed to any entity and is only collected for the purpose of ensuring proper delivery of the Newsletter. Wondrous World provides each recipient of the Newsletter with the ability to opt out of receiving the Newsletter by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each Newsletter.