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What is Wondrous1?



Wondrous1 (W1) is a whole plant food that helps restore the microbiome in the soil. When the microbiome is restored to the soil, biodiversity returns so that plants are healthy. Using W1, provides food for the soil which is then used by the plants as their food. This is nature doing what nature does best! 

What is in W1?

The fertilizer offers the finest components from the land, sea and soil delivered in a brewed concentrate that contains:

A blend of

  • Alpaca Manure 
  • 90 Ocean harvested/derived liquid minerals
  • 83 Humic/Fulvic minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • All brought to life by a team of 10 Soil Born Organisms (SBO’s).

The fertilizer is natural and organic. This is a food for the whole food chain that leaves the soil biologically active and enriched even after harvest. It also performs as well if not better in Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponic environments.

When can I expect to see results from using W1? 

Some customers have reported almost immediate improvements in their plants, however, there are contributing factors that impact the results. Soil health or lack thereof, the state of the plant, how often you use the fertilizer, are some of the factors that will contribute to how long it takes to see results, but customers have reported noticeable benefits within days. We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks to see visible results.   

Does W1 revive dead plants? 

If a plant is completely dead, it will not be revived from using Wondrous1. However, people have purchased 'almost' dead plants on sale that they have reported became vibrant and thriving after using Wondrous1. 

Can I use W1 on any plant/flower indoors or outdoors? 

To date, customers have reported that W1 works on all plants and flowers. We have testimonials that succulent plants that never grew suddenly took off, an orchid that had never bloomed in a year bloomed 4 days after receiving W1 and indoor plants became vibrant and shiny to name a few. Outdoors the testimonials are similar. 

How long will W1 last once it has been brewed in the 5-gallon bucket? 

As long as the ‘Brew’ is kept out of direct sunlight and/or freezing conditions, it will last at least 12 months maybe more. We suggest keeping the ‘Brew’ in an open container if a cool covered place. 

Should I decant the 5-gallon bucket into 1-gallon buckets? 

We suggest that this is the best way to store the ‘Brewed tea concentrate’. 

Will using W1 improve the health of my plants?

We are conducting research to better understand how to measure the health of plants when using Wondrous1.  So far, all the research from trials and customer testimonies have resulted in better health of the plants. In fact, customers have reported that their plants ‘thrive’ after using Wondrous1.

Will using W1 heal "curly leaf" a deadly tomato plant virus?

We have a testimonial from customer claiming that she used W1 on her tomato plant that was ravaged by curly leaf prior to pulling it out to see what happened? The plant came back to life and produced fruit.