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Soil is the foundation of a society 

Soil is the foundation of a healthy society 

Soil is an amazing world yet to be fully understood 

Soil is the planet's carbon capture system

Soil is biodiversity at its best  

Wondrous1 is a food from the planet to feed the planet!

The W1 trials produced unexpected, amazing results, beyond all expectations as all the plants grew faster, with huge root systems; they matured early with increased yields. Also, the taste of the produce was off the charts.

Use W1 to grow your food, and you too can experience, see and taste the difference for yourself.

We challenge you to try W1 and let us know your experience? 


The fertilizer offers the finest components from the land, sea and soil delivered in a brewed tea that contains:

  •      A blend of Alpaca Manure
  •      90 Ocean harvested/derived liquid minerals
  •      83 Humic/Fulvic minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  •      All brought to life by a team of 10 Soil Borne Organisms (SBO’s).

W1 is organic and safe enough to drink, BUT we don't recommend drinking it as it's made of manure after all!!! This is a food for the whole food chain that leaves the soil biologically active and enriched even after harvest. It also performs as well if not better in Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponic environments (coming soon). Trials are being conducted to show the differences in using W1 in soil versus non soil mediums.

IMPORTANT – Please inquire if you are growing in other mediums.

Thank you for joining in our quest to “restore the planet one backyard at a time”