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About Us

We come from the alternative health industry. 

The creators have a combined background of over 45 years in alternative health. Our mission has always been to help humanity with their health. As anybody from that industry knows, it is an upward climb/struggle, and we are no different. It has been especially tough as we were about 10 years ahead of the curve as we researched and marketed cutting edge products that produced real results. These products were not popular with the pharmaceutical industry.

 By Restoring The Soil, We Restore Human Health 

We left the alternative health industry because we realized that our careers had been spent playing the same game as the drug industry - treating the symptoms of failed health. The only difference was the method used - natural products vs chemical/synthetic products. Ultimately, there is little difference, which has become obvious by the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated the alternative supplement industry. 

Wondrous World Inc. (WW) was born out of the desire to create a ‘wondrous’ world for people. In truth, ‘health’ is associated with ‘wondrous’ as energy abounds with health. But the universe had other plans as ‘Covid’ hit the planet! The result was, we needed to shift directions and focus our attention on what had always been planned as the last stage in the WW business plan – growing food. 

Over the last century, we have seen the earth’s soil slowly but surely depleted of all biology by ‘modern’ farming practices. Growing food in soil that is fertilized with 3 ingredients - NPK (aka Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium) which is, then, saturated with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides produces nutritionally devoid food. And that is just the food. What all the chemicals are doing to the soil is depleting it forever of any biology. The food grown in that chemical/synthetic toxic soup is then consumed by people hoping to get some nutrition. Today, all you have to research is how many people suffer from digestive and other health disorders to get a picture of how much our ‘nutritionally dead’ food has contributed to this crisis. To truly understand the gravity of the situation, it is a known fact that the herbicides/pesticides/fungicides kill the soil’s microbiome (which is what makes soil alive, i.e., biologically active), renders water toxic and pollutes the air. We want to reverse this by helping people to grow nutritionally dense food. 

Wondrous1 was created with love.