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The WG Brew Your Own or Refill kits are a way for people to create and manage their own fertilizer.  In addition, they were created to save customers money (shipping prices are currently crazy high), and help the planet avoid the extra greenhouse gasses created from shipping water (heavy) across the country.  We have priced the product to be affordable for those who are prepared to do a little of the work.  

A great advantage to the WG Brew Your Own or Refill kits is there is no ‘use by date’ (expiration). The bacteria will stay asleep until exposed to moisture; (they come in a UV protected bag with the manure). The other products will outlast the containers. The products have been made to ensure health and food security for a long time.

Once brewed, the tea concentrate will last a very long time if kept out of direct sunlight and away from freezing temperatures.

Keep in a cool covered place in the 5-gallon buckets or decant into 1-gallon containers for ease of use. 


The products offered and their suggested applications are based on real world results achieved over the past 24 months. Laboratory testing is underway, and any new information will be updated. While we can only gauge the success of the product on the health of the plants, do not forget, the end goal is to produce health in people.


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  • 5 Gallon, Wondrous1 Brew Your Own Kit

    Wondrous 1

    SPECIAL 5-gallon BYO PACK


    OPENING SPECIAL Get a BYO 5-gallon kit plus 1 BYO Ingredients Pack to make a total of 600* gallons of ready to use fertilizer/whole plant food.  *At a 30:1 concentration mix. Wondrous1 - 5-gallon Brew Your Own kit includes: A 5-gallon bucket 1 Air...

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  • Image coming soon

    Wondrous World

    Wondrous1 - 1-gallon BYO kit


    Wondrous1 - 1-gallon BYO  Brew Your Own kit includes: A 2-gallon bucket 1 Air stone 1 Air pump 1 Filter 1 bag of Shredded Alpaca Manure pre mixed with SBOs 8 oz of Liquid Sea Minerals 2 bags of a blend of Fulvic/Humic Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino...

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