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Wondrous1 - 1-gallon BYO kit

Wondrous World

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Wondrous1 - 1-gallon BYO 

Brew Your Own kit includes:

  • A 2-gallon bucket
  • 1 Air stone
  • 1 Air pump
  • 1 Filter
  • 1 bag of Shredded Alpaca Manure pre mixed with SBOs
  • 8 oz of Liquid Sea Minerals
  • 2 bags of a blend of Fulvic/Humic Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids

This kit will make 2 BREWS for a total of 2 gallons of Wondrous1 tea concentrate or 60 gallons of ready to use Wondrous1 tea fertilizer at a concentration of 30 to 1. The first Brew takes 5 days and then it takes another 3 days for the second Brew. Instructions are included in the shipping box and Video instructions coming soon. 

This product is ideal for house plants and small gardens.

In addition to the fertilizer, once you have finished BREWING, the sludge/silt leftover in the filter is a biologically supercharged soil rejuvenator for you to mix into the soil in which you plant your plants.

BENEFITS of a Brew Your Own kit

  • The only ingredient you need to supply is water that is as close to natural as possible - no tap water as it kills the SBOs.
  • This is the only product required to grow a healthy plant from seed to harvest.
  • The kits provide excellent value for your money.
  • You get 2 BREWS from one kit.
  • Produces a lot of product - 2 gallons of W1 tea concentrate or 60 gallons of ready to use product. 
  • You get 2 Brews for the price of 1.
  • The sludge produced from the brews is a highly potent soil rejuvinator that you can use to further regenerate the soil.
  • There is no "Use by Date" on the raw materials of this product, they will last longer than the packaging.
  • Once brewed as long as the product is made with natural spring water and is kept out of direct sunlight/heat and/or freezing conditions, its shelf life is years.
  • This product restores the microbiome (health) in the soil.
  • This product can be used for growing indoors and/or outdoors.
  • This product can be used to grow in soil. Please contact us for growing in hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics or any other growing medium.
  • This product is easy to use and makes growing food easy, ultimately providing food security.
  • Growing your own food provides food and health independence.
  • Food grown with Wondrous1 is biologically active (healthy).
  • Wondrous1 is good for the planet and all plant life.
  • Wondrous1 is all natural - true organic, not certified organic. 


The fertilizer offers the finest components from the land, sea and soil delivered in a brewed tea concentrate that contains:

  • A blend of Alpaca Manure,
  • 90 Ocean harvested/derived liquid minerals,
  • 83 Humic/Fulvic minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • All brought to life by a team of 10 Soil Born Organisms (SBO’s).

The fertilizer is natural and organic.  This is a food for the whole food chain that leaves the soil biologically active and enriched even after harvest. It also performs well in Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponic environments.

Important – Currently, the Brew Your Own liquid concentrate is particularly suited to soil applications. Please inquire for other growing mediums at


Instructions on how to apply Wondrous1.


There is no wrong way to use Wondrous1, however, the immediate effect/impact will depend on the nature/state of your soil. As the fertilizer is in the form of a tea, applying it after a light watering of the plants is more effective and will require less product, but this is not essential.

Outdoor Soil Conditions

Good quality organic soil –

Growers have had spectacular results with light application.  For good organic soil, we recommend watering with Wondrous1 to feed plants every two to four weeks using the 30 to 1 concentrate strength.

Not so good quality soil –

Growing in poor soil quality requires watering with Wondrous1 more often.  We suggest starting on a regimen using the fertilizer at minimum two to three times a week for the first month, and then backing off to once a week thereafter. You will see for yourself whether you need to increase the dose from the plants’ growth. We recommend using a 15 to 1 concentrate strength for poor soil conditions. Obviously, if cost is not an issue, the more you use the fertilizer the better the plants grow. 

SUMMER – When it is hot, outdoor plants need to drink more than being fed so for plant health, it is not necessary to feed your plants every time you water, but you should water daily.  Keeping the plants out of direct sun is advisable in very hot climates although, we have discovered this is less necessary when using Wondrous1.

NOTE:  The only exception is if your soil is in poor condition, in other words devoid of everything or you are growing using a non-soil medium then we recommend using Wondrous1 daily.

Indoor plants including flowers

We recommend watering with W1 at a 30 to 1 concentrate as you would normally water your plants – once a week or more in warmer/colder/drier climates. 

You will see a dramatic difference in a very short timeframe


Wondrous1 is a WHOLE PLANET FOOD so if you are interested in feeding the planet and leaving your ground enriched after harvest use the fertilizer as often as you can afford to. Although this sounds self-serving since we sell the product, and you are right it is, we are starting to regenerate the planet “one backyard at a time”.  If you are on board with that then please put it everywhere not just on your flowers and vegetable gardens.



When dealing with soil and growing plants, there are countless contributing factors that can influence plant growth. W1 is made up of some of the oldest ingredients on the planet, but these ingredients have only been mixed for the past 3 years. The information provided is based on the latest information and feedback. More extensive trials and laboratory testing are being conducted.  As soon as we have the results, we will publish the information on the site as soon as it is available. WW offer no guarantees that customers will achieve the same results as others have when using W1.