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Why Take Wondrous Gut?

Posted by Brooke Kildey on Mar 30th 2024

This product has a 45-year history and is backed by medical research. It was created by a macro-biologist who spent 5 years working with these bacteria to create a Consortia.

Today, most of our food has little to no nutrition. While many people may be unaware of how many toxins we are exposed to daily, the health challenges experienced by most of the population are palpable. See where the US is ranked in Health globally or how all-cause mortality has lowered the life expectancy of Americans to 76.4 versus 82.3 for comparable countries in 2021 (

All health starts in the gut, or conversely, one could say most diseases starts in the gut. In fact, 70-80% of our immune comes from the gut. 90% of degenerative diseases start in the gut. The gut is considered the second brain because there is a strong relationship between the gut and the brain. Serotonin, a hormone considered the happy hormone, is generated in the gut? Emotional and degenerative brain issues have been linked to gut issues? An unhealthy gut cannot absorb or digest nutrients from what is consumed, and a healthy gut enhances the absorption of nutrients and anything else being consumed.

Why it is different from other probiotics?

Most probiotics on the market consist of bacteria that are endogenous (i.e. the bacteria are naturally occurring in the body) whereas, the Consortia of SBOs in Wondrous Gut are non-toxic, friendly, foreign bacteria. As friendly foreign bacteria, they help the body to produce its own natural antibodies that are non-specific but are readily available to defend the body against other dangerous unfriendly bacterial invaders. This is how they support the immune system.

Wondrous Gut versus other probiotics

  • 45-year-old time tested formula – there is no other probiotic products that can compete with this.
  • Wondrous Gut is a pre and probiotic all in one. This is because the SBOs are put to sleep in their food source (humic/fulvic minerals) this is the prebiotic part of the product.
  • Consortia of Soil Borne Organisms (SBOs) - 10 strains of bacteria – some spores.
  • It takes 8 weeks to create the Consortia as opposed to most probiotics that take 3-5 days of growth in a laboratory.
  • A portion of the original batch is used to create every new batch like sourdough.
  • The SBOs come alive and thrive in the stomach acids unlike others that are already dead when they are being encapsulated.
  • This is a Consortia, a community, not individual bacteria thrown together.
  • This is a foundational product for health – it is not representing itself as the one and only product people need but it enhances the efficacy of all other products including drugs, foods, supplements, etc.
  • While it is considered a pre/probiotic supplement, it is a FOOD.
  • All animals respond and benefit to this product.
  • On the market, you find probiotics – prebiotics – symbiotics – postbiotics – Wondrous Gut qualifies in all these categories.
  • The SBOs are 3.5 billion years old.
  • They are gently dehydrated in their food source so that when they wake up they have food – this is the prebiotic aspect.
  • Wondrous Gut restores balance to the body – that is its job.
  • It detoxifies parasites, fungus, viruses, bad bacteria (but we actually need bad bacteria too remember it’s about balance), and anything else that is over populating!

Before starting on Wondrous Gut have a live blood analysis done so that you can gauge your results after 90 days when you need to have another live blood analysis. Compare the results – seeing is believing!

NOTE: If your gut isn’t healthy, i.e. fully functioning, it cannot absorb nutrients. If a person has a digestive issue, it is unlikely that the body can utilize the nutrients from whatever is being consumed.

Why 3 months?

Cells in the human body are in a constant state of dying and being reborn. Something like 300 million cells die every second, and simultaneously, are reborn through apoptosis (programed cell death). Cells are designed to replace themselves at different rates. The microvilli in the gut are replaced every 24 to 48 hours whereas the cells in the eye only replace themselves every seven years. Blood cells function in the same way. Research has consistently revealed that taking Wondrous Gut has a profound effect on blood cells after 90 days.

Note: We are not selling a drug nor are we suggesting that this is some miracle cure. The body is the only thing that can heal itself i.e. reverse whatever is going on. We are suggesting that by supporting the gut on a fundamental level, it can begin the healing process for itself.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to taking this product.